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Take this washer for a spin. With room to clean large loads and bulky items like sleeping bags, this washer helps you do laundry less often. Even the tough stains on your Thanksgiving tablecloth won’t wear out your washer thanks to Self Clean technology, which keeps the tub fresh by removing dirt and bacteria through a combination of soaking, pulsating and high-speed spinning. Nine additional wash cycles allow you to customize your wash load without feeling overwhelmed. Diamond-shaped drain holes prevent snagging, protecting your most delicate fabrics from damage. Vibration Reduction Technology uses stainless steel balls to offset the effects of operational noise, softening the sounds of even your bulkiest laundry loads. 6 Options - Add the best option to your wash cycle to get more out of each load
Primary Category: Laundry
Secondary Category: Laundry
Weekly Term: 104weeks
Weekly Price: 18.95/wk
Brand: Samsung

Washer capacity has a direct impact on how much time you spend doing laundry. Greater tub size means fewer loads, and fewer loads means more time doing other things you love. With a washer capacity of 4.5 cu. ft. – or 3 laundry baskets – you'll save up to 3 hours on laundry every week.*  Samsung’s patented VRT® technology reduces noise an incredibly low level. Its innovative tub design balances heavy loads quietly and with ease. Upstairs laundry has never been less obtrusive – run your washer upstairs while your children sleep. For the ultimate in convenience, Self Clean technology keeps your top load washer tub fresh by removing dirt and bacteria through a combination of soaking, pulsating and high speed spinning. Self Clean also sends reminders to clean the tub every forty wash cycles. The diamond drum interior features a unique design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges that help treat fabrics gently.

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